If you are looking to organize an event that is both unusual and exciting, our event team brings the complete package of planning, promoting, financial management, entertainment, venue design, security, clean up and documentation. Happy and excited event attendee is our goal and we have the necessary tools to achieve it. Our events are not only entertaining, but also sophisticated and enlightening.
Garfield Park Jam
Outdoor Events: Music, dance, visual arts, skateboarding and parkour brought together diverse audience in this interactive public space.
Blended Art Show
Building Conversion: A group of artists transformed an empty warehouse into a monumental work of art that attracted over a thousand fans and raised funds for educational programs.
Joan Hisaoka Gallery
Group Shows: These exciting scene-building events feature young and experienced artists and attract a beautiful audience to the partnering gallery or museum.
Street Art Film Festival
Art Happenings: We have experience in organizing art events ranging from participatory art making parties to international film festivals.

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