The society sustains and culturally advances only if its members are well-educated and equipped with creative skills. Our approach to education is hands-on and project-oriented. We provide in-school workshops, workshops with world-renowned artists, summer and spring break camps, after-school programming and services for home schooled students. Our lesson plans are creative, playful and designed to involve even the students who do not find school interesting otherwise.
Art Works Now
"Great Adventures of Mr. Minty" (2014)
Nature Patterns
"Nature Patterns" (2014)
Camp Wings
Camp Wings (2014)
STEAM Education
STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math
Art History for Toddlers
Education for all ages
In-School and After-School Program
Complete In-School and After-School Programs
Home Schoolers
Community Education
. Some of our lessons are listed below. Contact us for complete lessons plans.

Science and Art Make You Smart - The students participate in discovering new scientific concepts with art projects and creative experiments. Some of the lessons are:

Art and Science of Color
Stellar Explorations
Urban Microworld
Mechanics of Bicycle Design
Body Power and Mechanics

Fun-o-matics - The students explore advanced mathematical and geometrical concepts through riddles, illusions, sculpture building, drawing and a novel use of common objects. Lessons:

Beauty of Fractals
Spatial Sledding
Polyhedra, Paper Models and Origami

What’s Your Story, Maestro? - The students master a distinctive and famous artistic technique while they study the life and legacy of the world’s most renowned and innovative artists. Lessons:

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: Poster Making and Wheatpasting
Jackson Pollock: Action Painting
Alexander Calder: Mobiles
Mark Rothko: Abstract Expressionism
Bansky: Stencils
and much more.

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